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A new book by the creator of will help you manage and style your hair–whether your curl pattern is curly, wavy or kinky.

Let’s face it, if you have textured hair, then you need unique help in caring for it. But, the problem lies in determining which products will respond to your curl pattern without going against it.

Don’t you wish there was a community or book that could resolve this dilemma for you? Enter Michelle Breyer and her business partner, Gretchen Heber to give you concrete advice on how to care for your curls.

Breyer wrote, The Curl Revolution: Inspiring Stories and Practical Advice from the NaturallyCurly Community, a comprehensive book that curates the most talked about information from’s experts and members over the past decade.

With an initial budget of $300, Breyer and Heber made a space for women to inspire, support and educate each other about their curls, coils and waves with their website. For 19 years, became a haven for women with curls. It became an informative tool in managing your curls–giving readers peer-trusted product reviews, salon reviews and advice.

You’ll find tips on every issue imaginable including porosity, breakage, dryness, and more.

The 247-page tomb features commentary from:

  • Anthony Dickey, author, stylist and founder of Hair Rules Salon and haircare brand
  • Taliah Waajid, founder and CEO of Taliah Waajid Products and the World Natural Hair & Beauty Show
  • Nancy Twine, founder for Briogeo product line
  • Ouidad, founder of Ouidad Salon, the first curly salon and creator of the Ouidad product line
  • Miko Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s product line
  • Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter product line
  • Patrice Yursik, founder of Afrobella
  • Lisa Sugar, co-founder of PopSugar, global lifestyle and media brand
  • Jordin Sparks, singer

The duo understands your kinky (or curly) hair dilemma more than you think. Back in 1999 when straight hair was the standard of beauty, the women created an online community,, as an alternative. The website caters exclusively to all women with a curly mane regardless of your ethnicity, race or curl pattern. Because of its inclusivity, became a hit across the Internet. It attracted all types of women– from young collegiate who were learning to embrace their natural hair to Latinas who decided to ditch keratin treatments for new alternatives.

Read below for 5 tips from The Curl Revolution: Inspiring Stories and Practical Advice from the NaturallyCurly Community that’ll help your coils stay healthy and shiny.

The Curl Revolution | Michelle Breyer

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No. 1: Identify your hair’s curl shape or pattern and its relationship to moisture.

The #1 reason why many hairstyles fail for others but work for some has to do with your curl shape. “First, you must learn to identify what type of curl shape and pattern or patterns you have–most curlies have more than one curl texture on their head,” reads The Curl Revolution. “We discovered former Oprah Winfrey stylist Andre Walker’s hair-typing system–a hair-pattern classification system that uses numbers to identify different levels of curliness, with 1 being straight hair and 4 being super-oily hair.” NaturallyCurly adopted Walker’s system, focusing on types 2 (wavy) through 4 (coils). The sub classifications, from a to c, are based upon the diameter of the wave, curl or coil.

No. 2: Build an ideal haircare regimen that suits your hair’s texture.

“Hair likes to be on a regimen,” says celebrity natural hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood. “It ensures that you schedule regular time for your curls, which produces better, more consistent results.” That’s why it’s important to know which products are best for you. According to The Curl Revolution, you should choose your products based on your hair’s texture type, the condition of your hair, lifestyle and your chosen hairstyle. If you need help grab a copy of The Curl Revolution that includes a NaturallyCurly Product Hall of Fame (page 90) where you’ll see a list of products the curl community cannot live without.

No. 3: Learn to straighten your hair the right way.

Embracing your natural hair, whether its curly or kinky doesn’t mean you can’t straighten your hair when you desire. “Natural hair is not one thing,” says Myleik Teele, founder of curlBOX, a subscription service that delivers selected products for women with curly hair. “What I like most about wearing my hair like this–once you go natural, your hair doesn’t stay in one state. The whole point is to have healthy hair that’s free of chemicals. The goal is to know you always have options.”

No. 4: Never forget to trim your hair.

A great way to keep your hair healthy and split end free is by getting a regular trim when you book your next salon appointment. “It doesn’t matter whether its a light dusting–a term for the tiniest of trims–or a dramatic change.When the cut is good, it can change your life,” reads The Curl Revolution. “When cutting curly hair, it is important that I avoid precision, tension and accuracy–which is the polar opposite to what I do when I’m working with straight hair,” says Jonathan Torch. “Curly hair is all about movement and bounce, which are both things that are hard to control–I work with it, not against it.”

No. 5: Know your hair’s porosity.

Porosity is your hair’s ability to to absorb and retain moisture. Your favorite hairstyle can turn into a nightmare if your going against your hair’s porosity. “Knowing your porosity is just as important as knowing your curl type, because not all curls handle water, or other moisturizers, the same way,” reads an excerpt from The Curl Revolution. “Porosity varies depending on the condition of your hair cuticle. Remember, the hair cuticle opens and closes to allow moisture in and out of the hair strand. Its ability to do this important job will determine whether your hair’s porosity is low, medium or high.

The Curl Revolution: Inspiring Stories and Practical Advice from the NaturallyCurly Community is an Amazon bestseller.






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