by Fago Franklin

Athletes vs Media

What makes the media the most hated people in society and why athletes feel no need to give a conscious and précised interview when people in the media ask for it? These are some of the questions that are asked in society as a whole. Fans or people in general have heard or seen some of the obscenely from both sides of the fence.

Simply put the media is either attempting to catch a big story or their news agency had told them to cover the story. People in the media field are supposed to be the voice for the world, whatever subject and or people that they cover they need to find an angle where both parties are comfortable and give accurate information.

A true journalist sticks to the Code of Ethics rules and never states unrealistic words or make the players feel like the media is against them in any form of matter.

How many times have we seen people or news agency under scrutiny because the information that was reported was unethical and didn’t have any concrete reliable sources? It’s essential to check your sources and make sure that the information that was provided was true.

Athletes view the media as “monsters” that want to ruin their legacy or tamper their words to have a good selling story. The players probably read a lot on the internet or have observed the negative stuff that some media outlets have published.

Big Names such as OKC’s Russell Westbrook and Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch have simply made a mockery out of questions that reporters or writers had prepared to ask them. They are simply private individuals that wants to go out there and play the sport that they love without having a microphone shoved in their faces all the time.

There have been some concerns that these players that have one worded interviews are mocking the integrity of sports and making it seem okay to disrespect the media.

Houston Texans’ running back Arian Foster had a brief statement about Marshawn Lynch and how he views his statement towards the media. “If we’re all aware that we’re going to get the same platitudes, why do we need them from every player? Since when has ‘because everyone else does’ been a good enough answer for anything? With Marshawn Lynch being as good at football and as intriguing as he is, why do we need him to talk to write about him? (USA Today)

ESPN’s host Stephen A. Smith was boiling after the comments Lynch during media day for the Super Bowl.  “Nobody in our society gets to do what they want to do,” said Smith, who brought up a myriad of examples to support his claim. The examples even involved the issue of Cleveland Browns wide out Josh Gordon smoking weed and teammate quarterback Johnny Manziel getting drunk. Perhaps what may hit close to home is the fact that Smith called out Seahawks head coach Pete Caroll and cornerback Richard Sherman.

“’I love the fact that Marshawn Lynch is Marshawn Lynch and he’s breaking rules, because he doesn’t have to talk to anybody.’ Why the hell are you talking to us then?” Smith said as he mocked Sherman. “Because you are not going to violate your contractual obligations. Smith even argues that Lynch is setting a bad example for future generations who may feel it is okay to go against the rules and expect no consequences.

Our youth looks up to these stars and some may point the finger that these gestures are sending the wrong signals to the younger athletes.

To resolve these issues on both sides of this matter you have to build a relationship trust with these athletes and the athletes have to understand that the media is doing their job.

The media outlet is a “cut throat business” where everybody is looking for their big break on covering these stories, some of these athletes have to understand that and give each writer the benefit of writing a successful story. Everybody in the media field is not trying to ruin your reputation or twist words, they are simply their to tell your side of the story.

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