Behind Her Squad of Elite Artists: Spotlight on Art Manager/Agent, Lynn Hutchins

Meet Lynn Hutchins, because the next time you’re at an art show and see some art that you love, chances will be that she’s behind the scenes, pulling the strings. In a world where non conformity has become conformists, Lynn stands out: you can pick her out of a crowd from a mile away. Her distinct style modestly hides her intense business wit and attitude and her personality is similarly reserved. Make no mistake though, she is fierce and as shroud as they come. Lynn is a jet-setter between New York, Miami and LA, representing refreshingly original artists, each of which is on the rise and excelling in their own ways. L’Etage Magazine had a chance to conduct an exciting interview with her and gather some insight on the artists she represents.

Where did you go to school, how did you get started in the art world and what do you do now?

I studied at SVA (School of Visual Arts) in NYC, and over the years ended up in the Corporate world working with Fortune 100’s managing teams in NYC. After which, I was offered an opportunity with Posture Magazine, where I began managing artist Eddy Bogaert. Now I’m working independently with Hutchins AMC as an Artist Agent and Consultant and I manage several up and coming artists in addition to established artists.

How did you meet Eddy Bogaert and what’s it like to work with him?  

Eddy Bogaert, “I Can’t Feel My Face” Mixed Media on canvas, 38” x 50”

Eddy Bogaert, “I Can’t Feel My Face” Mixed Media on canvas, 38” x 50”

I met Eddy in New York in 2013 at an art event. It’s been going great, Eddy is a really hard working artist: he follows through on everything, he is extremely consistent. After working together for the past few years, we’ve become very close. People often joke about how we act like siblings. We are loyal to one another and trust each other. I’m also a true believer in Eddy as an artist, I believe in his work and I believe in him as a human being. We have a mutual respect for one another and support each other, which makes working together much easier.


Who are some of the artists you work with currently?

I work with a diverse group of artists, most recently added to the roster is world renowned artist Michael Hafftka. His works of art are represented in prestigious museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Museum of Art, and many other museums in the United States and around the world. Joe “Ezo” Wippler who has exhibited at Art Basel Miami, The Grand Palais in Paris and The Museum of the City of New York and has collaborated with Keith Haring back in the 80’s. I have some amazing up and coming talent as well, including Luca Vigorelli who is making his mark in the fashion industry here in New York and LA, however he is stirring up the art world with his art. Then I have Jose De Olio, who is following in the footsteps of Eddy Bogaert finding his unique place in the art world as well. Last but not least, I’m pleased to have the opportunity to work with artist extraordinaire and the artist behind the “protect yo heart” movement, Uncutt.



What’s the next step for you as an art manager and agent?

I’m excited to watch artists grow in their careers and see their creativity and perseverance bring them to their success. Eddy Bogaert is a good example of development and evolvement, I would like to bring that out in all of the artists I work with in the future. I’m exploring and expanding in areas of licensing art and alternative brand development. I’d like to continue to create alternative revenue generating opportunities for visual artists in the future.

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Sara Nardea is no stranger to the art world, selling her own paintings and curating exhibitions -- from pop art to abstraction and now to art journalism, she is bringing her New York success to the up-and-coming Miami scene. Sara is now a contributing writer and editor at L'Etage Magazine.

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