By: Alexandra Sweeney


The CANDELA COLLECTION BY GABRIELA PEREZUTTI was a stylish mystery wrapped in an enigma, a fusion of art deco and rustic. When you walked into the room, it felt like it was an artist’s studio. She had canvases, unfinished paintings and easels set up all around, with the models acting as her “subjects”. Of all the shows held in the Box at Lincoln center, hers was the one most accommodatingly set up to give photographers an advantage, while still allowing other attendees to be able to get the feel of the each outfit from every perspective.

Her beautifully-crafted pieces were extremely elegant, and very refined. The trend this season is the use of pastels and Gabriela definitely had hints of that, represented by her pastel pink dresses and light cream tops. The color palette is also very chic, as she obviously chose a very feminine palette with of warm pinks, blues and purples. Also very chic was the lace and the embellishments on the dresses and skirts. It wasn’t done to the point of overkill—it was just enough to show a sense of grace and class. She incorporated the rustic furniture with the beautiful and simple dresses, the results being very reminiscent of a western bohemian atmosphere.

You can be sure this whole collection will find its way in the closets of young girls who love the simple and beautiful things. Nothing in her collection is over-designed and everything is very natural and very well thought out. Overall, this collection was street ready to wear from the get-go and very well done.


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Designer: Gabriela Perezutti for Candela


Photo Credit : Sabrina Boasman for L’Etage Magazine

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