Miami, FL– The legendary soccer player David Beckham attended a World Cup watch party at the Wharf in Miami, FL  on Wedsnday. He was cheering for England as they played against Croatia. He was thrilled to be around people that loved him, as well as many fans, but was very disappointed with the outcome of the game. England was upset by Croatia 2-1.

The watch party was one of many places that fans spotted him at. On Thursday, a fan flashed her boobs at him when he was greeting members of the Chamber of Commerce. He laughed it off and continued talking with the members.

The Chambers of Commerce, Jorge Mas, who is Beckham’s partner, and Beckham met up to talk about their plans for the new stadium that will be built in 2019.  Reportedly the stadium will be called Miami Freedom Park and it will feature 110 acres of permanent green space and 23 acres of pitches for youths to play on.

Beckham wanted to build his stadium in Miami where he fell in love with the state. He still loves the thrill of soccer, as well as living in Miami; “I’m passionate about the game. I’m passionate about being successful. I’ve played professional soccer for the last 22 years.”I could have gone to another city, but this was always my city. It’s always where I wanted to have our team.”


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