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NYC Artist Michael Anderson, Spencer Tunick and Enchanting Performances at “Reprise Parisienne” During Art Basel Miami Beach Week 2012

An exquisite evening took place on December 6, Downtown Miami, FL, at the Villa 221. Reprise Parisienne presented by Whitehot Magazine in partnership with Riot Development visionary production team, directed by Brendan Ledesma, Jim Hunt and Dave Esler, stunned over 400 guests which included celebrities, art world notables as well as local socialites, with their theatrical theme, extravagant characters and mind-blowing performances, which continued through out the night

Three large-scale, hyper-detailed collage works by a New York artist Michael Anderson [who was named the “Most Interesting Artist in the World” by Dos Equis], portrayed extraordinary worlds. The theme of the works was picked up by Riot Developments, whom turned the venue into a world of imagination and fantasy filled with carnival lights, historical props, carousels, ring masters, contortionists, as well as jaw-dropping creatures, such as Siamese twins and a bearded lady.

Upon their arrival the guests were pulled into becoming a part of this created world, where once on the inside the line between fantasy and reality became faded and taken over by the theme. In a world as such, one could not resist falling into the endless sea of imagination.

In addition to the unbelievable decor DJ duo Edwin Adams and Terence Tabeau mixed electric period music on the main floor, while DJ Anna Cavazos completely took over with her dirty house mixes in the VIP room, which was beautifully decorated with blue and zinc bathtubs filled with champagne and cocktails by Bols Genever.

Lucas Bols [the sponsor of the evening] made sure that the guests completely enjoyed themselves with his internationally recognized, signature cocktails, which were designed to complement and enhance the evening.

To complete the extraordinary event the guests were presented with Galiano Ristretto and McCornick’s, mouthwatering Irish Cream dessert.

The imaginative Parisian carnival was designed to introduce a new, memorable, party experience. Riot Development made sure the scene turns out to be a peculiar and creative way to celebrate Art Basel Miami 2012.


Riot Team: Dave Fessler, Co-Founder; Jim Hunt, Co-Founder; Brendan Ledsman, Co-Founder, Creative; Raelyn Hennessee, Creative Consultant; and partner Brian Ganz.


Special Guests: Spencer Tunick, Erin Newberg and New York City artist Michael DeFeo.



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