Seattle, WA- The On the Run II Finale concluded in Seattle, Washington on Thursday. This tour was what a lot of fans wanted to see and Beyonce’ and her husband Jay-Z made it happen this year. The tour started around June and now has a fairytale ending.


The concept of the tour was based around their marriage and the trials and tribulations both individuals had to endure to build their foundation within marriage and trust.


The show starts with both Jay Z and Beyonce’ coming out together holding hands, which is very symbolic because it means unity the holdings hands and how they look deep into each other eyes go beyond the image of what fans see. It is the reality of what individual went through and matured to showcase what marriage is about.


Jay-Z and Beyonce’ took fans on a tour with how they matured in a musical sense, as well as marriage. Jay Z performed Dirt off Your Shoulder, 99 problems, got to make the Song Cry and many more hits. Each of these songs tells a story of where he matured with life through his music, as well as how he felt having Beyonce’ in his corner as a friend and his wife. He was madly in love with her until temptation pop its head out and almost ruins his family.

Beyonce’ performed many songs from her classic album Lemonade as well as Run the World, Slay, and many more. Her famous line that had everyone talking was her reference to “Becky with the gold hair.” In a visual after Beyonce’ had song one of her songs, you could see that she was leaving Jay. Jay was running to go get her before she left. That was when he literally felt like he lost everything. So, as you see they had to work hard at their marriage and move forward from the past. That was what this tour was about. It was about overcoming trials, despite mistakes and knowing one mistake could cost you your family, love, and peace


The show itself was just a breath of fresh air with a lot of people of color dancing, and having fun, empowering messages that went with the concept of the visuals that were presented, and the crowd engagement. The outfits went with each theme of the songs, but the messages of women empowerment were very moving.


The dancers were on the beat and each one of them had thrown their own personality into each of the dance routines.


The visuals were very creative, and it looked like a movie that you would want to see in a theater, as well as how crisp the high definition was with seeing the performance clear from the upper deck.

Despite having some minor defaults with the audio, this was a performance that deserves an encore.


“I had so much fun,” said a unanimous person. “I love everything about the performance. Everything was perfected to a tee. I enjoyed both of these two individuals explaining their love for each other and how they got over their mistakes and rebuilt their foundation. Everything is not about money. Money comes and goes, but love is rare nowadays because people just get up and leave without the thought of working it out. Everyone that has been in any relationship knows that it is hard work and you have to be very dedicated to keeping each other happy.”


The ending of a very long tour for the Carters will go down in history as one of the electrifying performances of this time. It will be interesting to see if the Carters will enjoy their time off from the tour or will they take on another project. Only time will tell.

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