The Redland is a group of two talented singers that have stepped out on faith and has pursued their dream of being an inspirational group that inspires people by their music. Earv and Kose, whose collective influences include culture-shifting artists such as John Lennon, Bob Marley, The Fugees, OutKast and other notables in between, met while attending Morehouse college in Atlanta, GA. and established the group called The Redland.Print

The Redland is most noted for their song So Far on NBA 2K11. Their song So Far had impressed a lot of people to the point that they wanted to see where this group could go. “It was a blessing for the both of us that our song was featured on NBA 2K11. We had stay humbled and wanted to do something different with our music.”

The Redland has took their musical high and took it to even greater heights. Recently they had made a song and video called “Survive.” The  concept of the title “Survive” was about overcoming obstacles that have been placed upon you. ” This was a song that everybody could relate to, because overcoming struggles or even trials you have to gather some energy with trying to find a way to survive.” “As a group we had to overcome a lot of things, because we are new in the field. At times being a new group people will not listen to your music or the process of getting your stuff out there can be hectic at times. You have to stay humble even when times get rough. You have to have a great support system as well. When obstacles come your way, you have to understand that there is always a bigger picture.”

The Redland is based in Atlanta, but in the near future would like to do a lot of traveling. ” We want our music to stand for something that is positive and unique and have that structure that a lot of individuals can relate to. We are not here to sound like the next group, but we are here to let our fans know that it is okay to converse about the positive aspect about life through music and that is why we are so passionate about the future and what it holds.”

The Redland has a message for people that are entering any profession or just need a motivational pull to get them in a positive aspect; “Never give up on your dreams and never give up. Sometimes you might get a no, but understand if you remain in faith and humble in your prospective your blessings will come down.”

They are set to release their new album, Enlightened Contagion around July.

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