Inaugural South Florida exhibit in “Optic Modernism” takes center stage during Miami Art Week

Blake Emory, one of today’s newest thought-provoking abstract artists, took center stage with his highly anticipated trademark collection of works in Optic Modernism at this year’s Spectrum Miami art show during Art Basel Miami Beach, December 3–7, 2014.

Zebra Love is the latest anthology by the New York artist, whose collective series of theoretical works represent the artist’s inspired discovery of what he refers to as “nature’s grand design” that encapsulates an artistic expression of retro fashion with love, passion and “divine geometry” from the animal kingdom.  Thousands of avid art enthusiasts attending Spectrum throughout the week experienced a total of 15 hand-picked pieces from the collection that were displayed over the four days, including  “Josephine” – Emory’s most beloved and original work of art, and “Flove” – Emory’s most controversial from the series.

???????????????????????????????“This was my first time as an official exhibitor during this most prestigious week of art in Miami,” says Blake Emory. “Spectrum Miami gave the Zebra Love collection some excellent exposure alongside some of today’s most internationally renowned artists and galleries.  I was pleased to see the intrigue that my collection generated among such a diverse audience and broad spectrum of attendees that ranged from seasoned art collectors through to students who visited the exhibit for some great inspiration.  The feedback received over the four days, from not only the public but the media as well, has been tremendous and has fuelled our creative campaign to take Zebra Love to the next level of recognition.”

Zebra Love portrays an underlying theme based on a fluid visual depiction of Zebra stripes that are carved to form the foundation of a multi-dimensional approach to acrylic on canvas. Using an individual female model and form as the muse for every piece of work, the curvaceous and nude silhouette of each chosen woman is juxtaposed against the Zebra design and blended within the center of the frame to convey a layered optical illusion at first glance. Emory describes his final touch as a “passionate step in to the world of love needed to liberate us from the human construct,” illustrated by a retro-style red stiletto worn on one foot – giving the black and white design its signature dash of vibrant color, fashionable overture and overtly sexual connotation. Each painting ranges from between 40×30 inches in size, up to 5ft by 8ft in height.

???????????????????????????????Michael Alden, CEO and President of Blue Vase Marketing, based in Massachusetts, in partnership with Emory, has translated the Zebra Love concept on to frosted glass and will be releasing a limited edition premium vodka in March 2015, aptly named “EMORY VODKA.”  Imported and bottled by the newly formed Zebra Love, LLC parent company, Emory’s Zebra Love design is embossed on to a signature artisan bottle, complete with Emory’s trademark red stiletto.  Emory Vodka marks the first brand extension in the Zebra Love series and features Emory’s “Shauna1” design for the inaugural product adaptation.  A portion of proceeds from the sales of Emory Vodka will be donated to the ASPCA to help prevent cruelty to animals.

For the last four years, Emory has established his own ‘Emory Gallery’ currently open in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, at which his Zebra Love collection is exhibited, along with his other original works of art. Emory helps spearhead The Brooklyn Artist Guild – a donation based education program that identifies talented and emerging artists who join the group in an effort to highlight the Neo Renaissance movement through their multi-media work in the theatrical and visual arts.

For further information on Zebra Love by Blake Emory, visit www.zebralove.com  .  For further information on Blake Emory, visit www.blakemory.com  . Follow Blake Emory and Zebra Love @zebraloveart and facebook.com/zebraloveart or instagram.com/kingblakeart.


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