, the largest new Caribbean retailer on the Internet, will soon be opening its virtual doors to offer the broadest collection of Caribbean products in the world to anyone with Internet access. The Miami-based, black-owned company, is an online marketplace that enables

Caribbean producers to sell directly to consumers worldwide with a focus on the US market. The retailer can be found at

At a time when pundits are questioning the stability of small businesses, offers merchants the possibility to expand their consumer reach through e-commerce. Caribbean-based merchants and manufacturers now have access to a platform that empowers them to make their products available to new markets and new customers.

Caribshopper offers Caribbean merchants a chance to be a part of a community that celebrates Caribbean Culture and promotes economic development in the region.

Caribbean merchants have been quick to recognize’s unique value. Caribshopper handles all the marketing, shipping, payment-processing, and customer service for their merchants at zero cost. This company is the only online marketplace that handles end-to-end logistics with no fee, allowing merchants to focus solely on manufacturing. is the brainchild of tech entrepreneurs and brothers, Kadion and Tennyson Preston. “Caribshopper’s pivot started in 2019 when we realized that in order to develop the region, we had to be fully focused on export,” says Kadion. “Our team has worked tirelessly to convert our platform and we are now ready! We are ready to onboard Caribbean manufacturers who want to stay focused on creating excellent products and leave scaling across the borders regionally and internationally to Caribshopper.”

The platform is slated to be opened to consumers in mid-September, 2020. Any Caribbean merchant who wishes to join the platform should go to to participate in Caribshopper’s marketplace.

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