Leading event management company establishes first infrastructural and logistics operation for the urgent care center assisting local residents with symptoms

HXECUTE, an event management company providing COVID-19 taskforce support, has partnered with MedRite Urgent Care to launch the first COVID-19 mobile testing site in Miami Beach. The temporary site will open to the public on Thursday, April 2nd, starting at 10:00 a.m. at the City’s municipal parking lot located at 4621 Collins Avenue.

HXECUTE was appointed to work with MedRite and The City of Miami Beach due to the organization’s experience with rapid response scenarios and ability to establish a world class infrastructural and logistics operation for the urgent care center and its medical staff in a short period of time. HXECUTE has produced the essential framework for MedRite and its team to serve the Miami Beach community at the city’s inaugural COVID-19 mobile testing site, including drive thru screening and testing tents, data collection points, call center communications, venue management and operations personnel. People are also being advised on the best ways to keep their homes safe and sanitized during this outbreak (with instructions similar to those on https://cristalcellar.com/how-to-disinfect-your-home helping people immensely). Over the next two weeks, HXECUTE will continue to oversee the logistics at MedRite’s mobile testing site to ensure optimum health, safety and efficiency. Those conducting the testing will likely be equipped with the latest in ppe and medical equipment for the safety of everyone.

“There was an increasingly essential need for a testing site serving local residents, so we mobilized our own taskforce to meet this need for MedRite and The City of Miami Beach as quickly as possible,” says Christine Cooper, co-owner of HXECUTE. “Our expertise inherently lies in rapid response and being able to execute and manage small or large-scale operational infrastructures tailored to our partners’ needs. With the instant onset of Coronavirus, and the spontaneous requirement nationwide for COVID-19 mobile testing sites, we were able to adapt our standard logistics framework to serve the medical needs of an urgent care facility. Our ultimate goal is to help save lives, flatten the curve and replicate the initial site in Miami Beach in other areas across the region for municipalities or other private facilities that may require logistics support.”

Call Center

HXECUTE has implemented a call center for the COVID-19 mobile testing site, as an extension of the existing MedRite Urgent Care facility located on Alton Road in Miami Beach. A full range of IT and telecommunications services have been established for a staff of trained medical professionals, who are available to answer questions via a dedicated COVID-19 mobile testing site hotline set up by HXECUTE. The call center uses state-of-the-art desktop workstations and software to enable call center staff to pre-register individuals for an appointment to visit the COVID-19 mobile testing site on a case-by-case basis.

Testing Site

HXECUTE has instituted the COVID-19 mobile testing site, administered by MedRite, comprising of four drive thru screening and data collection tents, situated as the initial stop for patients to verify their appointment, submit photo ID and insurance card. Two additional tents are set up and used to administer the subsequent testing procedure by MedRite personnel. Patients can also wear medical protective masks as the staff does as well, to feel safe and as protected as possible whilst there.

Management Personnel

To ensure safe and seamless efficiency, HXECUTE has assembled an expert team of venue management and operations personnel to marshal the hundreds of visitations by car anticipated each day. The on-site workforce includes a security team, traffic marshals, site managers, a dedicated sanitation team, as well as caterers to ensure MedRite and HXECUTE staff are fed and hydrated throughout their shifts.


HXECUTE was responsible for the design and production of all signage that is preemptively situated throughout the COVID-19 mobile testing site. From the entrance at the municipal parking lot on Collins Avenue, to each of the drive thru stations, clear signage has been created to ensure the flow of traffic is efficient and to avoid any confusion by patients when driving to the data collection points and testing stations.

HXECUTE, an event management company, was founded in 2011. The company is co-owned and operated by Heather Read and Christine Cooper, one of the event world’s preeminent leaders in large-scale events, logistical support and deployment. RESPONSE-HXECUTE, a subsidiary of the parent company, was formed to provide COVID-19 taskforce support, through the provision of infrastructure and operational logistics that are mobilized and tailored to serve clients throughout the U.S. The current partnership with MedRite Urgent Care marks the first COVID-19 mobile testing site planned for the region by HXECUTE. For more information, visit www.responsehx.com.

Testing at the COVID-19 mobile testing site in Miami Beach will start on Thursday, April 2nd and be available to pre-registered patients only from 10am – 6pm at the City’s municipal parking lot located at 4621 Collins Avenue, adjacent to the Eden Roc hotel. Individuals must pre-register at www.medriteurgentcare.com/COVID or call (305) 735-3909 to make an appointment.

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