On Saturday, February 1st, Lady Gaga was able to perform for the AT&T TV Super Saturday Night at Meridian at Island Gardens without the effects of the rain that jaded the crowd of Lizzo and Harry Styles on Friday. As soon as she hit the stage, she got the whole venue of 8,500 fans and celebrities grooving. This was the place to be Super Bowl weekend.

Lady Gaga is known for her off the wall performances. She greeted the stage in the air, with a shining silver outfit and matching keytar. The sight of her above the sea of fans was captivating. She then took the stage with a strange character on the big screen behind her. Gaga argued with this character, later calling herself Lady Gaga’s “enigma”. They continued through the night with a series of eclectic conversations.

Gaga played all her classics, performing Just Dance and PokerFace. These classics got the crowd screaming and dancing in a rallied excitement. Her reputation and the time of the event brought an ensemble of celebrities to the venue as well. Appearances were made by Adriana Lima, Jamie Foxx, Paul Rudd, Jeremy Runner, and Jasmine Saunders also known as GoldenBarbie.

AT&T TV partnered with the Born This Way Foundation, and for every #SuperSaturdayNight hashtag on Twitter, AT&T TV donated $1 up to $250,000 to the Born This Way Foundation. She brought a fan on stage and had the fan read her own letter on the subject of mental illness that silenced the crowd. She then sat with the fan at her piano and performed a few songs.

The night was one to remember and Lady Gaga put on a performance that will resonate with Miami forever. She will not be performing at this year’s Super Bowl, but she did wish the best of luck to the teams and to the artists performing this year, “So much love and so much luck to everyone doing the Halftime Show and both teams. They’re both champions.”